Installing Pyg

The get-pyg.py file

The preferred way to install Pyg (and the easiest one) is to download the get-pyg.py file from Github and to launch it:

$ curl -O https://raw.github.com/rubik/pyg/master/get-pyg.py
$ python get-pyg.py

This will install the latest stable release, but if you want to install the development version, just do:

$ python get-pyg.py --dev

Using Pip or easy_install

If you have easy_install or Pip installed, to install Pyg it only takes one simple command:

$ pip install pyg

or if you must:

$ easy_install pyg

And then you should no longer need them!

Getting the source

You can also install Pyg from source. The lastest release is avaiable on GitHub:

Once you have unpacked the archive you can install it easily:

$ python setup.py install

Building the documentation

In order to build Pyg’s documentation locally you have to install Sphinx:

$ pyg install sphinx

Download the source (see Getting the source), go to docs/ and run make:

$ cd docs/
$ make html

Now Pyg’s documentation is in _build/html.

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